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Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

What's the difference between empathy and emotional intelligence?

These are two important, closely linked concepts often mentioned in the same breath. Understandably so. They are complementary and together they add huge value in the workplace. While empathy gives you the skills to work with someone to understand how they see things, emotional intelligence is about managing your own emotions, to help you see things clearly and constructively.

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Two people seeing things through each other's eyes.

What is empathy?

Is it ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’? A good strong statement. And yes, this captures it nicely in exactly that, a statement. 

There’s a reason why empathy is firmly on so many agendas at the moment. People talk about it improving the workplace, maximising employee retention, even tackling the Great Resignation conundrum. So, do you really know what it is and what it can do in the workplace? Because if you don’t, you’re probably missing a trick. 


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The key to unlocking frontline potential. Coaching.

All Power To Your Managers. They Have Amazing Potential.

Being a manager is a tough job. It’s always needed what some misleadingly term ‘soft skills’, to manage effectively; and lately the job’s been getting ever more challenging! The pandemic has certainly brought greater people management challenges. The dramatic shift in the way people work, partly because of the pandemic, means managers are now faced with significant staff retention issues. In a recent report by Emplify, nearly 73% of employees are currently open to new career opportunities — and 33% are actively looking for new jobs*1.

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The Great Resignation - Empathy

Tackling The Great Resignation Head On

It is true, there has been much talk about ‘The Great Resignation’. The term has been a prevalent topic for well over a year. A combination of factors, accelerated by the recent pandemic, has created a catalyst for people to take action on their careers, rather than opting for complacency. For many, their job was one aspect of their lives they could control while many other elements were being swept away. The Great Resignation may well be happening, but should it have surprised us as much as it seems to have done, given the circumstances in which it has arisen?

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The 'new' new normal

In the last 18 months, we’ve gone from working 100% in offices to making the huge shift to remote working. Of course, for many there was no impact at all, they didn’t have the protection of working from home, to these frontline workers, who tirelessly maintained their status quo, we must thank you. Now, as restrictions gradually ease up and we reached the revised ‘Freedom Day’ on 19th July 2021, we’re facing another new norm of hybrid working.

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Customer Experience: From Britain’s Iceberg to Britain’s Lifeboat

In June 2015 I wrote an article for the Tourism Society Journal entitled Customer Service: Britain's Tourism Iceberg, in which I reflected on the sad reality that, while Britain's image overseas then ranked three in the world as a "nation brand" (behind Germany and the USA), for "quality of welcome" we were limping in 13th place. As I wrote at the time, “Whilst London 2012 unsurprisingly boosted our ranking, we have now fallen back to where we were in those dark, pessimistic, pre-Olympics days.” I argued that our failure to provide a world-class welcome threatened our long-term competitiveness as a major tourism destination - hence, the iceberg analogy.

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Stuck In The Middle With You

It feels like every time a major business has a restructure, it becomes a cull on middle management. Clearly, middle management are expendable.

More than once, I have heard Directors moan that their middle managers are a blocker to innovation and change. Clearly, middle management are stuck in the mud.

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Perfection over progress Perfectionism

How Much Are We Striving For Perfection Over Progress?

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do things perfectly and get things right first time. But do we really learn anything by achieving perfection on our first attempt? Or is learning by making progress – having a go, reflecting on the outcomes, adapting the approach and trying again more effective?

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New Leadership

As our frustrations of the pandemic finally start to lift there is a sense of excitement and panic as restaurants find themselves fully booked for the next year, holiday apartments sold out, people booking flights to foreign countries… and business leaders scrabble to “hit the ground running.”

And I fear we have learned nothing.

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Incentives Aren’t A New Idea!

I have been listening to a great friend of mine, who works in sales (and as we all know 2020 has not been brilliant for retail and business sales). Over the last couple of months, huge pressure has been applied to the sales team to close business for the year end and this is not landing well, as there is no incentive to do so (positive recognition/reward), just a daily rant and a weekly name and shame on calls, appointments (virtual) and orders.

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Myths, Legends, Stuff We Need To Re-think

Learning from experience - be very careful, especially now.

For thousands of years, we have known that humans learn from experience. In the last hundred years, we have found out a lot more about the neuroscience behind this and why it is such an effective way to learn. If we want to learn to do something, we should definitely try to get stuck in and experience it.

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Strong and Sustainable

Nick Drake-Knight, creator of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® on two areas where training too often falls down.

The emphasis on improvement in training sounds like a positive thing. When we’re looking to help people perform well though, we need to tread carefully.

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Will Cumbersome Recruitment Processes Quash Innovation?

An article in The Guardian by Stephen Isherwood in May 2020, stated that Grad schemes are down by 12%, due to the #pandemic, and internships and placements are down by a whopping 40%! Where does this leave our recently qualified, energetic and hungry #graduates? Will cumbersome #recruitment processes and confidence-knocking job hunts destroy their energy and reduce the supply of much-needed innovation?

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