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Amber Orchard-Webb

Learning Specialist. Inspired by an early career as Skills and Development Advisor for Costa Coffee, I moved agency side to the role of Learning Specialist. I bring positivity, passion and a fresh perspective, to deliver the very best learning solutions to our clients.

Graduates at work

Are graduates workplace ready?

After years of studying, attending inspiring lectures and seminars, creating memories, University, for most, becomes a safe space. A space where you can experiment, learn, and thrive safely in the knowledge a network of support is present.

Then, graduation arrives, and very quickly the realisation that it’s time to step outside of the comfort zone and into the world of work.

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Perfection over progress Perfectionism

How Much Are We Striving For Perfection Over Progress?

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do things perfectly and get things right first time. But do we really learn anything by achieving perfection on our first attempt? Or is learning by making progress – having a go, reflecting on the outcomes, adapting the approach and trying again more effective?

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