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Ian Luxford

Learning Specialist. With over thirty years of experience in learning and communications across diverse industry sectors, I bring extensive knowledge and passion for performance improvement. I work closely with clients, to get a deep understanding of their challenges and develop solutions that deliver a measurable difference to their businesses.

A person empathising with someone in pain

Is empathy having its moment?

In 2009, I facilitated a meeting with a client from a global hospitality brand. It was a very culturally diverse group and represented a range of professions: marketing, operations, and human resources.

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Experience, Learning, Communications

Myths, Legends, Stuff We Need To Re-think

Learning from experience - be very careful, especially now.

For thousands of years, we have known that humans learn from experience. In the last hundred years, we have found out a lot more about the neuroscience behind this and why it is such an effective way to learn. If we want to learn to do something, we should definitely try to get stuck in and experience it.

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