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In my career, I have had times when I felt that I could conquer the world and times when I doubted that I could even tie my own shoelaces. I began to recognise that the manager was an over-riding factor in which way I was feeling and so began a journey of discovery. Because I want every manager to be a great manager. I want every manager to inspire and support their team. I want every manager to go home happy knowing they have made their team feel special. That is why I design and deliver training programmes for managers, to reach that aim.
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Stuck In The Middle With You

13 April 2021 10:30:00 BST / by Paul Kaerger


It feels like every time a major business has a restructure, it becomes a cull on middle management. Clearly, middle management are expendable.

More than once, I have heard Directors moan that their middle managers are a blocker to innovation and change. Clearly, middle management are stuck in the mud.

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