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Siobhan Orchard-Webb

Business Development Manager. With a career spent in sales and business management across a wide spectrum of industries around the world, I bring experience, insight, and passion to finding the right employee engagement solutions for your business.

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The 'new' new normal

In the last 18 months, we’ve gone from working 100% in offices to making the huge shift to remote working. Of course, for many there was no impact at all, they didn’t have the protection of working from home, to these frontline workers, who tirelessly maintained their status quo, we must thank you. Now, as restrictions gradually ease up and we reached the revised ‘Freedom Day’ on 19th July 2021, we’re facing another new norm of hybrid working.

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Will Cumbersome Recruitment Processes Quash Innovation?

An article in The Guardian by Stephen Isherwood in May 2020, stated that Grad schemes are down by 12%, due to the #pandemic, and internships and placements are down by a whopping 40%! Where does this leave our recently qualified, energetic and hungry #graduates? Will cumbersome #recruitment processes and confidence-knocking job hunts destroy their energy and reduce the supply of much-needed innovation?

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