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Frontline management team at Flamingo Land

We are enormously proud to have the opportunity to work with the frontline management team at Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire.

The Flamingo Land HR team started a conversation with us several months ago; the main objective being to take the frontline management team on a development journey. Flamingo Land is a major resort comprising a major theme park, an award-winning zoo and a holiday park where thousands of families go to create special memories each year. So that was our theme; to design and deliver a development programme that focused on customer outcomes by enabling the frontline management team to build even stronger, happier teams. By becoming even more empathic team leaders, and great coaches.

Anybody who has visited Flamingo Land, will know it is a very busy (and happy) place! So, we needed to develop a programme that was thorough and time efficient. How did we achieve this? By plugging each person into our Em-Path and Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® online courses to learn the principles and techniques of empathy and coaching at a time of their choosing. Then coming together in a workshop to adapt and practice what they had learnt into a ‘Flamingo Land Way’ management style that would help ensure consistency, engage the frontline teams, and make the employee experience even better.

What a great team, an absolute joy to work with. Our thanks for their enthusiastic participation, and equally enthusiastic feedback.

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