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Inclusion And Diversity Is A Topic Woven Through Our Values

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We look forward to the day when Inclusion and Diversity are so high on the corporate agenda that we will no longer have to work hard to get them understood.

Like many organisations, this is a topic woven through our values. 

In our experience, one of the barriers to progressing Inclusion and Diversity is a refusal to accept that they really are an issue. We have been told "but that would never happen here" and "of course we respect everyone" in places where a lot more work is really needed. 

Only once people acknowledge and truly accept the need to change, can change happen. 

We believe a strong focus on these three elements can make a difference:

1. Environment: creating working environments accessible and inclusive to all, actively encouraging people to call out excluding practices, and ensuring all recruitment processes are free from bias.

2. Management and Leadership: ensuring Inclusion and Diversity is not just a 'tick box' exercise; including it in business discussions and core strategy. In the event of an incident occurring that does not meet the values of the organisation, always asking the difficult question 'What are we going to do about this?' and taking action. 

3. Education: training interventions that go deeper than standard compliance; developing Emotional Intelligence and raising consciousness to Inclusion and Diversity by capturing and sharing real experiences from inside and outside of the organisation, that demonstrate the reality gap between what people say they do and what they actually do. 

We also believe this truly matters. 


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