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Is Our Learning Delivering On Our Goals?

In many cases, the million dollar question!

Learning ROI remains a headache for many senior execs and learning specialists alike. When the performance expectations are missed, all eyes turn to the learning strategy.
Was it ever the learning strategy? If not the learning strategy, why have sales, profitability, customer retention not improved? Where’s our $mil?

Because knowing what to do is not the same as doing what we know! Just because somebody has been trained, it is not the same as implementing what they've learnt.

This is where coaching is vital. Relentless coaching is the change agent. Ask any athlete.

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So, why don’t managers coach?

LinkedIn have identified 4 common themes:
1. There’s not enough time
2. I don’t know how to coach
3. It’s hard to do amongst other priorities
4. Employees don't want to be coached

Therefore, we need coaching that is:
1. Fast & naturally fits with existing conversations
2. Easy to learn
3. Feels good

Cue: Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Online. It’s an easily learned technique that fits naturally into existing conversations, that is fast (<4 minutes) and that encourages the coachee to feel good. Its continual use has transformed performance for organisations in many sectors. A well-kept secret? Not anymore.

For over a decade, businesses have driven outstanding customer experience and high performance by helping their people be more effective and consistent in their job roles.

They have unlocked huge performance gains using a simple, powerful and cost-effective tool – Continue & Begin Fast Coaching®.

It helps managers and supervisors to drive their teams’ results upwards, rapidly and sustainably. 

For more information on Continue & Begin Fast Coaching Online, click here. Or contact us on


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