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Learning In The Flow Of Work

Learning in the flow of work is one of the most valuable methods of learning – particularly when onboarding new colleagues. A lot of the time we do it without realising – a short video, a quick online module, asking a colleague a question.

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When organisations were thrown into a new world of remote working, relationships were already forged and the ability to continue to learn from colleagues was an easy switch - we turned to social platforms where we embraced video calls and instant messaging.

Increasingly we are now onboarding people who have never met their new colleagues and may not do so for some time.

How can we support our new colleagues to maximise their learning in the flow of work?

Here are our tips:

1.    Team your new colleague up with a work-buddy, someone they can contact whenever needed. Be sure this individual is someone who will share good practice, is confident with the available learning tools and can guide and support their new colleague.

2.    Provide access to learning platforms as soon as you can, before day 1 is preferable!

3.    Help make connections by organising calls with colleagues in integral roles.

4.    Deliver key messages, best practice, or information from colleagues through user-generated video, for example, a ‘How to’ from someone on the frontline, or ‘Understanding our Values and Vision’ from the CEO.

5.    Create an individual learning plan with your new colleague. Include items such as project meetings or other social gatherings their role may not usually be a part of. These are great opportunities for new colleagues to gain insight into who does what and how things really work in the organisation. It’s important this plan is owned by your new colleague as this will encourage them to find out what they don’t know/need to know quickly.

Supporting new colleagues in their first few weeks is critical in engaging their hearts and minds at work.

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