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Incentives Aren’t A New Idea!

I have been listening to a great friend of mine, who works in sales (and as we all know 2020 has not been brilliant for retail and business sales). Over the last couple of months, huge pressure has been applied to the sales team to close business for the year end and this is not landing well, as there is no incentive to do so (positive recognition/reward), just a daily rant and a weekly name and shame on calls, appointments (virtual) and orders.

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Myths, Legends, Stuff We Need To Re-think

Learning from experience - be very careful, especially now.

For thousands of years, we have known that humans learn from experience. In the last hundred years, we have found out a lot more about the neuroscience behind this and why it is such an effective way to learn. If we want to learn to do something, we should definitely try to get stuck in and experience it.

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Strong and Sustainable

Nick Drake-Knight, creator of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® on two areas where training too often falls down.

The emphasis on improvement in training sounds like a positive thing. When we’re looking to help people perform well though, we need to tread carefully.

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Will Cumbersome Recruitment Processes Quash Innovation?

An article in The Guardian by Stephen Isherwood in May 2020, stated that Grad schemes are down by 12%, due to the #pandemic, and internships and placements are down by a whopping 40%! Where does this leave our recently qualified, energetic and hungry #graduates? Will cumbersome #recruitment processes and confidence-knocking job hunts destroy their energy and reduce the supply of much-needed innovation?

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