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Graduates at work

Are graduates workplace ready?

After years of studying, attending inspiring lectures and seminars, creating memories, University, for most, becomes a safe space. A space where you can experiment, learn, and thrive safely in the knowledge a network of support is present.

Then, graduation arrives, and very quickly the realisation that it’s time to step outside of the comfort zone and into the world of work.

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Will Cumbersome Recruitment Processes Quash Innovation?

An article in The Guardian by Stephen Isherwood in May 2020, stated that Grad schemes are down by 12%, due to the #pandemic, and internships and placements are down by a whopping 40%! Where does this leave our recently qualified, energetic and hungry #graduates? Will cumbersome #recruitment processes and confidence-knocking job hunts destroy their energy and reduce the supply of much-needed innovation?

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