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Take Care Of Your Mental Health

We recently produced an app for sailors at sea for long periods of time, who could easily have their mental wellbeing affected by loneliness and separation, we asked some people for their tips for managing their mental wellbeing. Here are some of them:


- Be vulnerable, it’s OK to not be OK. Find someone at work that you can trust and tell them how you are feeling.
- Change your scenery – it’s important to get away from your desk, go for a walk (this is good for your eyes too!)
- Disconnect – try and find time to switch off your phone/laptop/tablet. Screen time is an excellent tool for this.
- Mindfulness, can you slow your brain and your breathing? There are some fantastic apps to help with this – Mindfulness Daily, Calm and Headspace are brilliant – give them a go and see if they work for you?
- Fresh air, if you can’t get outside, open a window.
- We’re biased, but pets are great too!


With thanks to Ian Luxford for the photograph


So, as colleagues, what can we do to support our teammates?


- Regular check-ins, even if someone hasn’t raised a flag, a cup of tea and a catch up leaves us buoyant.
- Set expectations – let’s diarise for another catch up!
- What’s the best method of contact for you? Whilst we’re all working remotely, do you want to have your chat on zoom? Or are you sick of video calling? Would you prefer a quick message on Whatsapp?


Most importantly, regardless of the pressures we’re all facing, please please please, always be KIND. You never know what someone is going through outside of work. Kindness and Empathy will always win at work.


We must stress, if you are concerned for your mental health, you must seek the advice of your GP, or text Shout to 85258 or visit:

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