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The language around equality and inclusivity is changing; what does that mean for organisations?

For a few decades now, The Motivation Agency has been supporting organisations in their employee engagement journeys. 

When looking at driving more engagement within your business, it’s critical to create a more inclusive environment, where people can benefit from more equitable experiences and a culture of belonging. 

  • Inclusive workplaces attract and keep great talent and enable people to thrive, helping the organisation to thrive too.  

  • Facilitating positive interactions among employees and promoting continuous DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) development will help reduce unconscious bias and create a positive environment for everyone to work in. 

  • Creating a more inclusive environment and a culture of belonging will make your organisation a happier and better place to work in. And who doesn’t want that? 

Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, what do they REALLY mean? 

Over time, the terminology around inclusivity has changed.  

First, we talked about: 

Equality – because EVERYONE has the right to access the same opportunities and resources. 


Equality and Diversity – because people are different, they have different circumstances, needs and requirements.  


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – because the difference in circumstances, needs and requirements must not stop people from accessing the same opportunities and resources. People need to feel included and able to fully contribute.  

And that’s where Equity comes into play. 

And now, Equity is emerging as an essential theme. It reminds us that this is about achieving a fair and inclusive outcome for everyone. 

It’s perhaps a response to the fact that while equality might be the end goal, equality alone doesn’t consider the needs of each individual. That’s why we need to introduce an approach that contemplates each individual circumstance. 

The journey towards equality passes through equity.  

For example, when you work towards creating the same development opportunities and career progression for all employees, only focusing on the availability of training and coaching could mean creating disadvantages for those employees who need specific provisions in their development and career progression journeys.  


So, how can we achieve Equity in the workplace?  

By considering each individual need, your business can create solutions and opportunities that consider any necessary adjustment [equity], to ultimately ensure everyone can access the same resources and be given the same opportunities [equality]. 

While equality and equity might have different meanings, they are both part of the same journey, where equity is the means to reach the end goal of equality. A goal to create environments where everyone has access to the same opportunities and resources. 

You can create a more inclusive and equitable workplace by taking steps such as incorporating DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging) training and continuous development for all your employees.  

Working with an L&D expert to understand your employees and the most successful ways to deliver DEIB training will ensure a more positive response and a more inclusive workplace culture.  

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