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What I love about my job …

is watching the growth in the learners/participants.

It starts with the first time we meet:

Some are shy, never been on a course before, scared that I will make them stand up and role play!
Some are long standing team members, maybe they have been told to attend, what am I going to tell them that they don’t already know?
And others are keen to learn, new to the role, growing their knowledge in their chosen career.

By the end of the workshops, I see bonding with fellow learners, sharing of knowledge, respect of others experiences and opinions and most importantly a change in behaviour and actions. I love to hear the success stories and see the excitement in their faces when they tell me about it!

March 2020, I was just finishing up the first module of four. This was an exciting new version of an existing program that was really engaging and I had just one more workshop to do when all ‘face to face’ training got cancelled.

Shell Go+ Roadshow Learning and Development

I had learners emailing asking when were we starting again, what could be done in the meantime! I honestly felt like I’d let them down, not being able to complete their program.

I am a social creature, I enjoy being around people, travelling has never worried me, so when it was taken away from me, it was a bit of a shock. However, as a company, we have been having digital meetings for many years, so when everyone went Zoom crazy, we were well ahead of the game and very experienced in online learning delivery, but I still missed the magic of live.

Roll on Summer 2021, the classrooms are starting to open up and I read on LinkedIn that my fellow L&D-ers are packing their cases and booking hotels, I am getting ready to re-start our calendars and I just can’t wait!

I have missed the challenges,
I have missed the laughter,
I have missed my learners,
I have missed watching you grow, I love my job!

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