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Will Cumbersome Recruitment Processes Quash Innovation?

An article in The Guardian by Stephen Isherwood in May 2020, stated that Grad schemes are down by 12%, due to the #pandemic, and internships and placements are down by a whopping 40%! Where does this leave our recently qualified, energetic and hungry #graduates? Will cumbersome #recruitment processes and confidence-knocking job hunts destroy their energy and reduce the supply of much-needed innovation?
In the last few months, The Motivation Agency has gone against the grain, recruiting some new graduates and the work they have produced in such a short time is outstanding.

Graduates may not come with workplace experience, but surely that is our responsibility as colleagues/peers, managers and senior managers to enable and empower new recruits regardless of their length of professional involvement. In return, our graduates bring with them a fresh keen vitality that is infectious to be around and cutting edge know-how.

At The Motivation Agency, we believe in celebrating our successes on both a team & individual level and these two deserve some big celebrations; so welcome to Toby Mitchell and Klaudia Jeziorczak. Our graduates’ futures matter, so does the future of our business and they will help us to succeed.

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